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FarmboxRX Produce Box

Farmbox was founded in 2014 with the mission to make high-quality, farm-fresh fruits & vegetables more accessible to everyone, and was the first company to successfully ship fruits and vegetables to homes across the country.

Since 2019 FarmboxRx has been disrupting the healthcare industry. As an extension of the Farmbox Direct mission, FarmboxRx focuses on proactive wellness by delivering food as medicine across America in partnership with Medicaid and Medicare programs. FarmboxRx is a first-of-its-kind nutrition program that makes healthy eating accessible to members of wellness-focused health insurers. FarmboxRx may be available through your Medicaid or Medicare program as an Advantage Benefit, part of your Over the Counter (OTC) Card benefit, or as a part of your Healthy Food Card benefit.

You can now use your OTC card as a form of online payment for qualified healthcare members to purchase fresh produce boxes, healthy cooking kits, and pantry essentials for delivery right to their doorstep!

Farmbox Direct, the parent company of FarmboxRx, was created by Ashley Tyrner with a clear vision that healthy foods should be accessible to all. Beginning as a local delivery service in NYC, the company quickly expanded to meet the demands of the millions of Americans living in food deserts who lack access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Recently acquired, Harlow’s Harvest is re-inventing nutrition and food education for young, curious chefs. Harlow’s Harvest is creating a series of educational cooking kits as hands-on learning tools for families, children, teens, and young adults to teach critical life skills and promote a lifelong love of nutrition and healthy eating for those eligible under the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

FarmboxRx is dedicated to changing the way the healthcare system approaches member wellness and disease prevention by pioneering the food as medicine initiative across the country.

FarmboxRX Produce Box

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